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NDS Eco Motor Lio Plus Key Specification

Riding Range

Riding Range

165 km
Top Speed

Top Speed

55 kmph
Charging Time

Charging Time

2-4 hours


(0-25 kmph) 3.9 s
Motor Power

Motor Power

1600 watts


Lithium Ion
Battery Swapable

Battery Swapable

Home Charger

Home Charger

App Availability

App Availability


Warranty & Registration

Motor Warranty

Motor Warranty

1 Year
Battery Warranty

Battery Warranty

3 Year
Vehicle Warranty

Vehicle Warranty

1 Year
Charger Warranty

Charger Warranty

1 Year
License & Registration

License & Registration


 NDS Eco Motor Lio Plus

NDS Eco Motor Lio Plus is a high-speed electric scooter. It is a modern electric scooter. It has many advanced features, like a sporty halogen headlight setup, LED light indicator, comfortable seat, and stylish Alloy wheels with tubeless tires.

Further, it is handled by a disc brake set up at the front and a drum brake at the rear end wheels. Also, it has E-ABS (Electronic Assisted Braking System) and a regenerative braking system for advanced safety purposes riding on the road.

Furthermore, It is managed by Telescopic forks at the front and Hydraulic Suspension at the rear end. Moreover, it has key features like Remote Start, Side stand sensor, Passenger footrest, Find your vehicle, and Push button start.

Additional features included: 
  • Cruise control option
  • USB charging port
  • Anti-theft alarm
  • Anti-theft motor locking
  • Automatic transmission

NDS Eco Motors Lio Plus Price 

The NDS Eco motors Lio plus, which comes with a Lithium Ion battery, has an ex-showroom price of Rs 1,23,978 in India. 

Available Colours

NDS Eco Motor Lio Plus is available in 5 attractive color options, which are :

Orange, Grey, Lime, Sand, and Blue

Variants of NDS Eco Motor Lio Plus

Not Available.

Range and Speed of NDS Eco Motor Lio Plus

The ARAI has claimed it can travel a riding range of around 165 km/ch in a single charge with a top speed of 55 km/h. This electric scooter accelerates quickly (0-25 kmph) in 3.9 seconds. It has three-speed control modes: economy, standard, and power.

Battery and Charging details of NDS Eco Motor Lio Plus

NDS Eco Motor Lio Plus has a battery capacity of 72V 2*21Ah, which is portable. The Li-ion rechargeable battery ensures that the scooter is long-lasting and can get easily charged. The scooter can quickly get fully charged within 2-4 hours from any charging station across the country.

Motor and Power of Lio Plus

NDS Eco Motor Lio Plus generates a max power of 1600W with BLDC Hub motor mounted on the Rear Wheel. Water and dust resistance allow you to ride in any weather and terrain.

Display and Screen details of NDS Eco Motor Lio Plus

NDS Eco Motor Lio Plus has a digital display with a digital dashboard. It has a digital console. It gives you a digital clock to track the time. Also, it has a Speedometer, Odometer, low battery indicator, and a more helpful function that shows speed information. Apart from this, a Trip meter informs how many kilometers your scooter has covered.

Rivals of NDS Eco Motor Lio Plus

  1. Ola S1 Pro - Price: 1,39,999
  2. Bajaj Chetak - Price : 1,54,189
  3. Super Eco S2 - Price: 1,05,000
  4. TVS iQube - Price: 100000
  5. Ather 450X - Price: 1,50,657

Available States

This scooter is available only in these 3 states –Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Tamilnadu.

Subsidies and Tax exemption on NDS Eco Motors Lio Plus

The Lio plus electric scooter of NDS ECO Motors has all the things that are required to get a subsidy for an electric scooter like if we talk about speed, it is a high-speed scooter with a motor of 1600 watts.

Due to the 1600-watt motor power, the top speed you get in the vehicle is close to 55 km/h. The Range claimed by the company on their website is not valid but enough to qualify for the subsidy.

Now, if we come to the final point or conclude whether subsidy will be available in this or not, we are not confirmed about it. We tried contacting the company, but they did not respond to our calls.

If you are looking to buy a Lio plus electric scooter immediately, you can ask your nearest dealer. If there is no rush, you can wait for a while as we will update this page soon.

License, Registration, and Insurance

According to the RTO rule for electric scooters, it has been said that if the motor power of an electric scooter is 250 watts or less and the top speed is 25 km/h or less. Then such an electric vehicle will not be included in the RTO.

You can drive such vehicles without a license, registration, or insurance. And suppose you do not want to compromise on performance and you do not have any shortage of money. In that case, you can also take an electric scooter with more than 250 watts of motor power and a top speed of more than 25 km/h.

Today, the electric scooter we are talking about is NDS Eco Motors Lio Plus, a high-speed scooter. In this, you get a motor of 1600 watts and a top speed of around 55 km/h. You need a license, registration, and insurance for this scooter.

So you can also buy this scooter. If you are confused, scroll down, and you will get the vehicle's advantages and disadvantages so that you can know the vehicle better whether you have to take it or not.

After-sales Service and Support from NDS Eco Motor Company

We are providing standard service after sales for our clients.

Battery warranty of NDS Eco Motor Lio Plus

NDS Eco Motor Lio Plus gives you a 3 years/unlimited km warranty on a Lithium-ion battery.

Motor warranty on NDS Eco Motor Lio Plus

It also has a 1 years warranty on Hub Motor.  

Charger warranty NDS Eco Motor Lio Plus

The scooter has an in-built charger, and the vehicle can be charged by plugging into a regular 5 ampere of the home power outlets. On Charger, you get a 1-year warranty.

Vehicle warranty

NDS Eco Motor Lio Plus has a 1-years warranty on Vehicle. 

Servicing of NDS Eco Motor Lio Plus

The company provides 3 free servicing for an NDS Eco Motor Lio Plus. But you will have to get the service done on time. You cannot skip that date given to you by the service center. If not received, do so on the given date, and some parts get damaged under warranty. Then you will not be able to claim the warranty. The company has so far appointed 30-40 dealers. Some issues may arise in terms of service in new companies.

Buyer Guide Of NDS Eco Motor Lio Plus

Before buying an NDS Eco Motor Lio Plus electric scooter, what criteria do you need to check? What are the things to keep in mind to choose the right scooter?

Check the Price

Let's discuss the price of an NDS Eco Motor Lio Plus electric scooter. It is slightly higher than a conventional scooter. Mostly it has been seen that the battery's price has increased somewhat at this time.

But the government of India is allotting subsidies and tax benefits to electric scooters under the FAME-II scheme. So that its high price does not change the mind of buyers, for checking the Subsidies on your vehicle. You should review the ex-showroom price and check whether the central government has allotted any FAME-II subsidy.

 Also, check whether the state government is giving any subsidy in your state, and you should check the road tax exemption. After all, you should check the on-road price in which you should match what things are being charged for the final price.

Check Range and Top Speed

You should check the Range of the NDS Eco Motor Lio Plus electric scooter. It means kilometers it can run on a single charge.

The Range of electric scooters is one of the significant aspects to look out for. An excellent electric scooter should have a good range that suffices your daily commuting needs.

You should also check the speed of the electric scooter, which means how fast the scooter can go per hour. Many electric scooters have good speed, while others do not have a reasonable rate.

Check Battery and Power

Battery plays a significant role in your NDS Eco Motor Lio Plus electric scooter. You should also check the type of battery of the electric two-wheelers.

There are 2types of battery mainly used for an electric scooter lead-acid (VRLA) battery and lithium-ion battery, but the modern battery is lithium-ion. This battery provides a good range along with an excellent top speed.

It can quickly provide a range of 140 km with a top speed of 90 kmph above that would satisfy your daily needs. You should also check the battery pack warranty the scooter has for how many years of Warranty.

Check Motor Power & Torque

You should check the Motor Power rating and torque of the NDS Eco Motor Lio Plus scooter. All electric scooters have a motor power rating available in units of watts.

The motor watts indicate how much power the motor is capable of consuming. The Motor also plays a significant role in your electric scooter. It decides top speed, acceleration, climbing ability, power consumption, and performance.

All electric scooters have one Motor, while high-performance scooters have two. The Torque force rotates your electric scooter's wheel and propels you forward. 

Also, Check how much torque it generates to get good acceleration. You should also check the motor warranty the scooter has for many years.

Check Charging Option

Charging the optima electric scooter is also one of the crucial parts. Most Electrical scooters take less time, while some scooters take much time to Charge the vehicle.

If you buy an electric two-wheeler, the automaker provides a home charger. But there is one thing that you should check the location where you live if there is any public charging station available.

Thinking that you need a public or home charging station is enough for you.

Check Dust & Water Resistance

Lastly, check the IP rating of the NDS Eco Motor Lio Plus scooter to know its water resistance. All-electric scooters are not water and dust-resistant, and it is not advisable to ride them in the rain.

The IP rating is called the "International Protection" (IP) code. The IP rating should be IP65 or IP67, and this type of IP rating is ideal.

This rating is safe to drive during the rainy season, and you can save your vehicle from breakdown during riding during the rainy season.

How Does NDS Eco Motor Lio Plus Electric Scooter work?

  1. The power source of an electric scooter is the battery, and the Motor gives the drive.
  2. The Controller of an electric vehicle receives an electric pulse from the throttle (Switch/Sensor) and allows the electric current to flow from the battery to the Motor. The motor hub rotates at speed based on the Motor's current input.
  3. The Electronic Controller draws power from the onboard battery to operate the hub-mounted motor during acceleration.
  4. During deceleration or braking, the Motor converts the braking energy into electrical energy, thus charging the battery.

Final thoughts about NDS Eco Motor Lio Plus Electric Scooter

  1. Firstly, check the build quality of the scooter. 
  2. Secondly, Take a test drive of the vehicle.
  3. Thirdly and most important, ask the showroom representative about the maintenance, when you need to do it, how to do it, and how much it will cost for servicing after verifying everything.
If you think you are comfortable with it, only then decide to buy it.  
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NDS Eco Motor Lio Plus Colors

NDS Eco Motor Lio Plus Competitors

NDS Eco Motor Lio Plus Owner Opinion

Good ThingsGood Things
Equipped with USB charging port
Automatic transmission
Digital dashboard
Available in multiple color options
Could be BetterCould be Better
Long battery charging time
Not so comfortable

Note: These Pros and Cons are based on real NDS Eco Motor Lio Plus scooter owners to whom our team has spoken.

Low Price Scooter

High Range Scooter

NDS Eco Motor Lio Plus Specifications

Motor Power (Peak) 1600 watts
Motor power (Rated) 1600 watts
Max. Motor Torque (At Wheel) 152.78Nm @ 100rpm
Motor Type BLDC Hub motor
Water and Dust Resistance (Motor) ----------
Water and Dust Resistance (Controller) ----------
Range (Eco Mode) 225 kms
Range (Ride Mode) ----------
Range (Sports Mode) 165 kms
Range (Normal Mode) 190 kms
Battery Type Lithium Ion
Battery Capacity 72V 2*21Ah
Nominal Voltage 51.1V
Water & Dust Resistance ----------
0 - 40% 45 Minutes
0 - 100% 2-4 hours
Fast Charging No
Charger Micro Charger with Auto cut
Speedometer Non Digital
Odometer Non Digital
Screen Size and Type Round shape
Touch Screen Type Non Touch
Resolution ----------
Brightness ----------
Aspect Ratio ----------
Tyre Type Tubeless
Tyre Size (Front) 12 Inch
Tyre Size (Rear) 12 Inch
Wheel Type Allow wheel
Wheel Size (Front) 12-inch
Wheel Size (Rear) 12-inch
Regenerative Braking Yes
Brake Type Front Disk Brake
Brake Type Rear Disk Brake
Front Disc Size 130 mm
Rear Disc Size 130 mm
Braking Distance ----------
Front Suspension Telescopic forks
Rear Suspension Hydraulic Suspension
Frame Type Tubular
Frame Materials Reinforced High Strength Steel
Head Light LED
Tail Height LED
Indicator Light LED
Gross Weight 100 Kgs
Loading Capacity 140 kgs
Length 2020mm
Width 730mm
Height 1100 MM
Ground Clearance: 150 mm
Seat Height 735 mm
Gradeability 7 Degrees
Remote  Yes
Side Stand Sensor  Yes
Reverse Mode  No
USB Charging  Yes
Anti-Theft Motor Locking  Yes
Anti-Theft Alarm  Yes
Find Your Vehicle  Yes
Push Button Start  Yes
IOT Features  No

NDS Eco Motor Lio Plus FAQs

NDS Eco Motors Lio Plus has torque of 152.78 Nm @ 100 rpm.
Yes, it is required license & registration to ride NDS Eco Motors Lio Plus.
NDS Eco Motors Lio Plus generates max power of 1600 Watt BLDC Hub Motor.
The top speed of NDS Eco Motors Lio Plus is 55 km/h.
Yes, NDS Eco Motors Lio Plus has alloy wheels.
The weight of NDS Eco Motors Lio Plus e-scooter is around 100 kg.

Running Cost Calculator

Use this Electric Bike Electricity Cost Calculator to find out the cost it will take to charge for your electric bike. To calculate your monthly fuel costs, you only need to input the kms you travel in a day, enter the cost of fuel in your local area.

Your monthly running cost is

Rs. 79 per month

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