Electric Scooter in India

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A few years ago, petrol was the only fuel that powered a scooter. But now electric scooter is also available in the market. Two-wheeler technology has come a long way. Now non-carbon-based fuel is the way of the future.

Electric two-wheelers come with more advanced technology than conventional scooters like reverse mode, different ride modes (Eco / Sport), regenerative braking, silent and vibration-free ride. Along with a Charging port for mobile phones and a side stand indicator. Moreover, Electric two-wheelers also come with a comprehensive digital display with vital trip information, range, and mode display, connected features such as Bluetooth, navigation, call handling, and geo-fencing.

If you are thinking of buying an electric scooter, then in this guide, we have discussed how an electric two-wheeler works. We have also covered the criteria you need to check before buying electric scooters in India.

Along with that, we have explained to you the pros and cons of an electric scooter as per electric vehicle owners. Apart from that, the things you should be concerned about before deciding to purchase an electric two-wheeler. In addition, we have also discussed the subsidies and tax benefits that have been allotted through central and state governments.

After all, understanding if you think you should go for an electric scooter, check out some popular and top-speed electric scooters here before buying.

Buying Guide For Electric Scooter

What are the criteria you need to check before buying an electric scooter, and what are the things to keep in mind while purchasing so that you can choose the right scooter.

Check Price

If we talk about the price of an electric scooter, it is slightly higher than a conventional scooter. Mostly it has been seen that due to the battery, its price increases slightly at this time. But the government of India is allotting subsidies and tax benefits on electric scooters under the FAME-II scheme. So that its high price does not change the mind of buyers, for checking the subsidies on your vehicle, you should check the ex-showroom price and check whether the central government has allotted any FAME-II subsidy or not.

Also, check whether the state government is giving any subsidy in your state. You should also check the road tax exemption. After all, you should check the on-road price in which you should check for what things are being charged for the final price.

Check Range and Speed

You should check the range of the electric scooter. It means how many kilometers it can run in a single charge. The range of electric scooters is one the most major aspects to look out for. A good electric scooter should have a good range that should suffice your daily commuting needs.

You should also check the speed, which means how fast the scooter can go per hour. Many electric scooters have good speed while many scooters have not good speed.

Check Battery and Power

Battery make a major role in your electric scooter. Hence you should check the type of battery of the electric two-wheelers. There are 2 types of battery mostly used for an electric scooter. Lead-acid (VRLA) battery and lithium-ion battery, but the modern battery is lithium-ion. This battery provides a good range along with an excellent top speed. It can easily provide a range of 75km with a top speed of 90kmph above that would satisfy your daily needs. You should also check the battery pack warranty that the scooter comes with for how many years warranty. 

Check Motor & Torque

You should check the motor power rating and torque of the electric scooter. All electric scooters have a motor power rating available in units of watts. The motor watts indicate how much power the motor is capable of consuming. The motor also make a major role in your electric two-wheeler. It decides top speed, acceleration, climbing ability, power consumption, and performance. All electric scooters have one motor, while high-performance scooters have two. Torque force rotates your electric scooter wheel and propels you forward. Check how much torque it generates so that you get good acceleration. You should also check the motor warranty that the scooter comes with for how many years warranty.

Check Charging Option

Charging the electric scooter is also one of the crucial parts. Most of the electric scooters take less time, while some scooters take much time to charge the vehicle. If you buy an electric two-wheeler, then the automaker provides a home charger. But there is one thing that you should check that the location where you live is there any public charging station available. Think that you need a public charging station or home charging station is enough for you.

Check Dust & Water resistance

Lastly, check the IP rating of the electric scooter to know its water-resistance because all-electric scooters are not water and dust resistant, and it is not advisable to ride them in the rain. The IP rating is called international protection (IP) codes. The IP rating should be IP65 or IP67, and this type of IP rating is ideal. This type of rating is safe to drive in the rainy season, and you can save your vehicle from the breakdown during riding in the rainy season.


These Pros and Cons are based on real electric scooter owners to whom our team has spoken.

yes Good Things 
  1. Running cost is very low.
  2. The maintenance cost is very less.
  3. Noiseless driving experience.
  4. Instant torque available from standstill.
  5. A Refined and Comfortable Ride.
  6. It generates less pollution.
  7. Power output is very low.
no Bad Things
  1. Buying costs more than a conventional scooter.
  2. Not good for long distances due to the charging station.
  3. Less charging connectivity is available for now.
  4. Longer Charging Time in some vehicles.
  5. Has no kick start option in an emergency condition.


Buying an electric scooter can be good?

  1. Whether you do not want a long ride.
  2. If you are comfortable charging at home.
  3. Whether there is a charging station in your city.
  4. If you want to reduce day-to-day traveling costs.
  5. Whether you want a smooth driving experience.
  6. If you do not like the noisy ride.
  7. Whether you want to promote zero-emission.


Best Electric Scooter in India

Model Name

Ex-Showroom Price

Hero electric Optima Plus ₹ 49,640
Okinawa i-Praise ₹ 1,06,320
Ather 450X ₹ 1,33,356
Pure EV EPluto 7G ₹ 84,900
Tvs Iqube ₹1,16,129
Bajaj Chetak ₹1,40,485


Lowest Price Electric Scooter in India

Model Name Ex-Showroom Price
Tunwal Mini Lithino  ₹ 47,609 
Hero Flash LX  ₹ 46,640
Gemopai Meso  ₹ 44,000
Komaki xgt X1 ₹ 43,900
Ampere Reo LA ₹ 42,000


Top Speed Electric Scooter in India

Model Name Top Speed
Ola S1 Pro  115 km/h
Avera Retrosa  90 km/h
Bajaj Chetak  80 km/h
Ather 450  80 km/h
Okinawa Praise  75 km/h


Subsidies and Tax Benefits for Electric Scooter

Here we have discussed what central government and states government has allotted for subsidy and tax benefits. You should check incentives and tax exemptions before purchasing of electric scooter.

State-specific electric vehicle policies have been issued for a four-to-five-year period since the time of notification, and the subsidies for a limited number of vehicles. EV policies decided to allocate subsidies for electric two-wheelers. Most of the Indian states are eligible for incentives under the FAME-II scheme. It is based on the size of their lithium-ion battery packs. The incentive amount varies based on a per kWh of battery capacity.

Central Government Subsidies

The Central Government has offered a subsidy of Rs 15,000 per kWh of battery capacity (to a maximum of 40 percent of the vehicle cost) through the 2019 Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric vehicles (FAME-II) schemed for a two-wheeler (scooter or bike).

State Government Subsidies          

Delhi: Delhi government offers a subsidy to consumers of Rs 5,000 per kWh of battery capacity up to Rs 30,000 subsidy. In addition to exemption on registration and road tax in the state.
Gujarat: Gujrat state offers a subsidy to consumers Rs 10,000 per kWh of battery capacity up to Rs 20,000 for the first 1.1 lakh electric two-wheelers. Along with offered an exemption on road tax and registration as well.
Maharashtra: Maharashtra government offers a subsidy to consumers Rs 5,000 per kWh of battery capped at Rs 10,000 for the first 1 lakh electric two-wheeler buyers. Also offered an exemption from road tax and registration charges in the state.
Karnataka: Karnataka state offers consumers 100% exemption in road tax and registration fees. But there is no subsidy from the Karnataka government for the state's electric two-wheelers buyers.
Telangana: Telangana government offered registration fees and road tax for the first 2 lakh Electric two-wheelers bought and registered in the state.


per kWh of battery capacity

Max subsidy

Road tax exemption

Delhi Rs 5,000 Rs 30,000 100%
Maharashtra Rs 5,000 Rs 25,000* 100%
Meghalaya Rs 10,000 Rs 20,000 100%
Gujarat Rs 10,000 Rs 20,000 50%
Assam Rs 10,000 Rs 20,000 100%
Bihar Rs 10,000 Rs 20,000 100%
West Bengal Rs 10,000 Rs 20,000 100%
Rajasthan Rs 2,500 Rs 10,000 NA
Odisha NA Rs 5,000 100%
Uttar Pradesh No No 100%
Punjab No No 100%
Karnataka No No 100%
Tamil Nadu No No 100%
Telangana No No 100%
Andhra Pradesh No No 100%
Madhya Pradesh No No 99%
Kerala No No 50%


How Does Electric Scooter Work?

The power source of an electric scooter is the battery, and the motor gives the drive.

The controller of an electric scooter receives an electric pulse from the throttle (Switch/Sensor) and allows electric current to flow from battery to motor. The motor hub rotates at speed based on the current input to the motor.

The electronic controller draws power from the onboard battery to operate the hub-mounted motor during acceleration.

During deceleration or braking, the motor converts the braking energy into electrical energy, thus charging the battery. 


Final Thoughts

Finally, we will suggest that if you are going to buy an electric scooter, then check the build quality of the scooter, take a test drive of the vehicle, ask the showroom representative about the maintenance that when you need to do the maintenance, how to do it and for services how much it will. After verifying everything, if you think you are comfortable with it, only then take the decision to buy.

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Elettrica 70kmh

Price : 90,000

  • 100 km
  • 70 kmph
  • 4 hours

Falcon LI (28.8Ah)

Price : 69,999

  • 100 km/charge


Price : 1,08,000

  • 120 km
  • 85 KM/HR
  • 3-4 Hour

Rame Lithium Ion

Price : 99,999

  • 145 KM
  • 55 KM/H
  • 3 HRS

E Scoot

Price : 45,000

  • 65 km
  • 25kmph
  • 6-8 hours

Oma Star LI

Price : 51,750

  • 60 km
  • 25 kmph
  • 3 hours

Trend E Double Battery

Price : 81,269

  • 110 km
  • 45 kmph
  • 4 Hours


Price : 62,505

  • N A
  • N A
  • 6-7 Hours


Price : 68,000

  • N A
  • N A
  • N A


Price : 2,8,335


Price : 1,22,000


Price : 41,557

  • 55-60 km/charge
  • 25 Kmph
  • 2.5-4 Hrs


Price : 44,000


Price : 62,652


Price : 65,000

RS 90

Price : 89,367

Rame Lead Acid

Price : 80,000

  • 120 KM
  • 55 KM/H
  • 7 HRS


Price : 43,300


Price : 80,000

  • 85 Km
  • 100 km
  • 3 Hour

Reo LI

Price : 45,000

  • 60 km/h
  • 25 km/h
  • 5-6 hours


Price : 63,662


Price : 65,999

  • 60-70 Km
  • 25 kmph
  • 6-7 Hours


Price : 90,000


Price : 56,780

  • 60 km
  • 25 Kmph
  • 4 Hrs


Price : 55,000

  • 60 km
  • 25 kmph
  • 3-4 Hour

Magnus Pro

Price : 74,999

  • 80 Km
  • 55 kmph
  • 5-6 HRS


Price : 61,998

  • 110-120Km
  • 25kmph
  • 4-5 Hours

Kollegio Plus

Price : 66,500

  • 110 km
  • 24 kmph
  • 4 HRS


Price : 75,000

  • 70-80 Km
  • 35 Kmph
  • 2-3 hrs


Price : 72,500

  • 70-85 KM
  • 25 kmph
  • 4-5 hours

Rame Click Battery

Price : 1,55,000

  • 90 KM
  • 55 KM/H
  • 12 Min

Jaunty Plus

Price : 115240

  • 80-90 km
  • 25kmph
  • 6 Hours

V48 LI

Price : 35,999

  • 55-60Km
  • 25kmph
  • 5-6 Hours

Okhi 90

Price : 1,21,866

  • 160 km
  • 90 kmph
  • 4 hr (80% in 1 hr)

450X Gen 3

Price : 1,55,657

  • 105 km
  • 80 km/h
  • 5 h 40 min


Price : 79,500

  • 80 km/charge
  • 45 kmph
  • 3-4 Hours


Price : 79,999

  • 120 km
  • 45 kmph
  • 3-4 Hours

Grace Pro

Price : 84,600

  • 100 Km
  • 50 kmph
  • 3-4 Hours

Zing HSS

Price : 85,000

  • 120 km
  • 49 kmph
  • 3-4 Hours

Vida V1

Price : 1,59,000

  • 165 km
  • 80 kmph
  • 5 to 6 years

Vida V1 Plus

Price : 1,45,000

  • 145 km
  • 80 kmph
  • 5-6 hours

Vida V1 Pro

Price : 1,59,000

  • 165 km
  • 80 kmph
  • 5-6 hours

S1 Air

Price : 84,999

  • 101Km
  • 90 kmp/h
  • 4hrs 30mint