Rowwet Scooter

Rowwet Scooter is available at starting price of Rs. 50,000 in India. It offers 11 models Rowwet Rame Lithium Ion, Eleq Lithium Ion, Vegatron Lithium, Zepop Lithium Ion, Eleq Lead Acid, Rame Lead Acid, Vegatron Lead Acid, Zepop Lead Acid, Rame Click Battery, Zepop Click, Eleq Click in which Zepop Lithium Ion is the most popular with a price of Rs. 78,500 and Rame Click Battery is the most expensive electric scooter with a price of Rs. 1,55,000. 
Here we have informed you about all of the models & variants' prices, images, colors, specifications, etc. For the latest updates and upcoming rowwet electric scooter models stay with Myelectrikbike. 

Rowwet Scooter Price 2023 in India

Rowwet Scooter Model Ex-showroom Price

Rame Lithium Ion

Rs. 99,999

Eleq Lithium Ion

Rs. 1,00,000

Vegatron Lithium

Rs. 1,10,000

Zepop Lithium Ion

Rs. 78,500

Eleq Lead Acid

Rs. 53,000

Rame Lead Acid

Rs. 80,000

Vegatron Lead Acid

Rs. 1,00,000

Zepop Lead Acid

Rs. 50,000

Rame Click Battery

Rs. 1,55,000

Zepop Click

Rs. 60,000

Eleq Click

Rs. 1,00,000

Rowwet Scooters Key Highlights

Popular Models Zepop Lithium Ion

Zepop Lead Acid (Rs. 50,000)

Expensive Rame Click Battery (Rs. 1,55,000)
Upcoming   N/A
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