Yakuza Electric Scooters

Yakuza electric scooter is available at a starting price of Rs. 59,500 for Sparrow and goes upto Rs. 100000 for Aqaba in India. Yakuza offers sixteen models which are Aqaba, Nebula, Utility, Ericka, Sparrow, Firdaus, Delta, Rubie, Phantom, Poppy E scooter, Viraj, Rubie Plus, AJ Star, Rubie 48V E scooteer, Neu 60V E scooter, and Prial Handicapped scooter. There are two RTO models which are Aqaba and Nebula and rest of none RTO models. In which Sparrow is the most affordable electric scooter with a price of Rs. 59,500. Aqaba is the most expensive with a price of Rs. 100000. The most popular scooters in the deltic line-up include Sparrow, Nebula, Delta, Rubie, Firdaus and Phantom. Here we have informed you about all of the models & variants' prices, images, colors, specifications, etc. For the latest updates and upcoming yakuza scooty stay with Myelectrikbike.

Yakuza Electric Scooters Price List (2024) in India

Yakuza Scooter Model Ex-showroom Price
UTILITY Rs. 54,000
ERICA Rs. 52,100
SPARROW Rs. 59,500
FIRDAUS Rs. 54,450
DELTA Rs. 62,550
RUBIE Rs. 54,650
PHANTUM Rs. 63,000
POPPY Rs. 50,430
VIRAJ Rs. 64,980
AJ STAR Rs. 64,350
NEU Rs. 54,910
RUBIE PLUS Rs. 58,000
AQABA Rs. 100000
NEBULA  Rs. 59,600

Yakuza Scooters Key Highlights

Popular Models Sparrow
Affordable Sparrow   (Rs. 59,500)
Expensive Aqaba (Rs. 100000)
Upcoming   NA
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Price : 61,000 - 73,500

  • 80-100 km
  • -----------
  • 6-7 hours

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