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Ampere Reo LI's Key Specification

60 km/h
Top Speed
25 km/h
Charging Time
5-6 hours
Motor Power
250 watt
Lithium Ion
Battery Swapable
Home Charger
App Availability

Warranty & Registration

Motor Warranty
1 year
Battery Warranty
2 years
Vehicle Warranty
Charger Warranty
License & Registration
Not Required

Ampere Reo LI

Ampere Reo Li is an electric scooter that gives you the dual benefit of comfort and style. Reo LI stands out as a reliable electric scooter. 

Reo Li has edgy contours that give it a striking appeal.This variant is suspended by telescopic forks at the front. Braking is done with drum units on both sides.

This electric scooter is available at a genuine and pocket-friendly price. The scooter is quite decent from every angle. A Reo LI is a perfect option for first-time riders, college-goers, and elderly people.

The machine is designed to change the two-wheeler scenario of India which keeps its prime focus on petrol or diesel vehicles and adds to environmental degradation.

Available States

The company has captured almost every part of India. Some of the listings are Delhi, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Odisha, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, West Bengal, etc.

Price and Variant of Ampere Reo LI

The price of Ampere Reo li starts at 45,000. This scooter has no variant because it is the variant of Ampere Reo. The price can change depending on the color and other features. 

Color option

Ampere Reo Liis available in four attractive different classic colors which are

  • Glossy Blue
  • Glossy sparkle red
  • Glossy Orange
  • Glossy Yellow

Display and Connectivity System

Ampere Reo li has a digital display. It gets the single indicator unit with LED lights and the headlight is a single piece unit with LED light for high and halogen for low beam. It will give you a digital speedometer and odometer. It has also a USB port for charging. It also has an under-seat storage box and a front storage box. 

Brakes, Wheels, and Suspension

For a pleasant ride, The Ampere Reo Li has a telescopic forks suspension and rides on alloy wheels at both ends which are shod with tubeless tires.

Stopping power comes from drum brakes on both sides. It is made to run on 76-305 (16X3) alloy wheels. The rated load of the machine is 120 kg.

Battery, Range, and Motor

Ampere Reo Li is powered by a 48V 24 AH, Lithium-ion removable battery which comes coupled with a Hub-Mounted BLDC 250 WATT Motor.

With a charging time of 5 to 6 hours, the maximum range of the scooter is claimed to be 60km. On the other hand, the battery is tuned to make it run at a top speed of 25kmph. 

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Warranties on Ampere Reo LI

Ampere Reo Li gives you 2 years of battery warranty and 1 year of Motor warranty (whichever is earlier). Typically scooters run around 6000-8000 km a year, so chances are that they won’t need a replacement for 6-7 years.

Subsidy and Tax Exemption on Reo LI

Ampere Reo li two-wheelers electric scooter is not eligible for the FAME II subsidy scheme because subsidy the eligibility criteria for this scheme is a minimum range of 80 km and a minimum top speed of 40km/h but this scooter provides a maximum range of up to 65km.

License and Registration

However, you do not need any license and registration to ride this electric scooter because an electric two Wheeler having a power output of fewer than 250 watts and a top speed not greater than 25 km/h is classified as an electric bicycle or electric bike.

You do not need any license or registration in India for scooters that have a maximum speed of 25kmph or have a motor of 250w or less.


We deeply care about the ownership of our customers. This means we won’t stop at just selling the scooter to you. We have a dedicated service team in every city that we sell in. We always try our best to stand by our commitments. We have a very great team of highly experienced engineers, technicians, managers, associates, and executives.

Final Thoughts about Ampere Reo LI

Lastly, we would suggest that if you are going to buy an  Ampere Reo LI electric scooter, then please follow the below passage; 

  1. Check the build quality of the Scooter, 
  2. Take a test drive of the vehicle, and 
  3. Ask the showroom representative about the maintenance, when you need to do the maintenance, and How to do it. 
  4. How much will it cost for servicing after verifying everything? 

If you think you are comfortable with it, decide to buy it.

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Ampere Model Price

Models Ex Showroom Price
Reo Plus LIOn Road Price 61,999 On Road Price
Magnus 60On Road Price 65,999 On Road Price
Reo Elite LIOn Road Price 59,990 On Road Price
Magnus ProOn Road Price 74,999 On Road Price
V48On Road Price 40,000 On Road Price
Zeal ExOn Road Price 80,000 On Road Price
ZealOn Road Price 65,999 On Road Price

Ampere Reo LI Colors

Ampere Reo LI's Owner Opinion

Good Things
Easy to manage due to lightweight.
Alloy wheels with tubeless tyres.
Comfortable seat.
Could be Better
The range could be better.
Long battery charging time.
Poor sales and Service reach.

Note:- These Pros and Cons are based on the real Ampere Reo LI Owner to whom our team has spoken

Ampere Reo LI's Specifications

Motor Power (Peak) 250 watt
Motor power (Rated) 250 watt
Max. Motor Torque (At Wheel) NA
Motor Type BLDC Hub Motor
Water and Dust Resistance (Motor) NA
Water and Dust Resistance (Controller) NA
Range (Eco Mode) 50 to 60 km
Range (Ride Mode) NA
Range (Sports Mode) NA
Range (Normal Mode) 50 to 60 km
Battery Type Lithium Ion
Battery Capacity 48 V / 24 Ah
Nominal Voltage NA
Water & Dust Resistance NA
0 - 40% 3 hour
0 - 100% 5-6 hour
Fast Charging yes
Charger NA
Speedometer Digital
Odometer Digital
Screen Size and Type Digital
Touch Screen Type Digital
Resolution NA
Brightness NA
Aspect Ratio NA
Tyre Type Tubeless
Tyre Size (Front) 3.00-10
Tyre Size (Rear) 3.00-10
Wheel Type Alloy wheels
Wheel Size (Front) 254 mm
Wheel Size (Rear) 254 mm
Regenerative Braking NA
Brake Type Front Drum
Brake Type Rear Drum
Front Disc Size NA
Rear Disc Size NA
Braking Distance NA
Front Suspension Telescopic
Rear Suspension Coil spring
Frame Type NA
Frame Materials NA
Head Light LED
Tail Height Bulb
Indicator Light Bulb
Gross Weight 68 kg
Loading Capacity 120 kg
Length 1730 mm
Width 660 mm
Height 1200 mm
Ground Clearance: 112 mm
Seat Height NA
Gradeability 11 ± 2 (Single rider) & 8± 2 (Double rider) Degree
Remote  No
Side Stand Sensor  No
Reverse Mode  Yes
USB Charging  Yes
Anti-Theft Motor Locking  No
Anti-Theft Alarm  No
Find Your Vehicle  No
Push Button Start  Yes
IOT Features  Yes
Additional Features

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Use this Electric Bike Electricity Cost Calculator to find out the cost it will take to charge for your electric bike. To calculate your monthly fuel costs, you only need to input the kms you travel in a day, enter the cost of fuel in your local area.

Your monthly running cost is

Rs. 79 per month

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